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Are Eufy RoboVac G30 T2250(AK-T2250111) Real?

Are Eufy RoboVac G30 T2250(AK-T2250111) Real?

“Floor cleaning is always a challenge for most people. Different floors have their diverse cleaning procedures requirement. Probably you wonder whether there exists a tool that can harmonize the multitude of cleaning protocols.”

eufy by Anker, RoboVac G30, Robot Vacuum with Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0, 2000Pa Strong Suction, Wi-Fi, Compatible with Alexa, Carpets and Hard Floors

Technology keeps on evolving every single day. Eufy Robot Vacuum T2250 has an answer to many floor-cleaning queries. There are no more concerns about vacuums that are limited to specific floor surfaces.

This particular vacuum cleaner is a multi-purpose tool. It can trace its track using sensors. This tracking enables the device to clean the surfaces without having to run over the already cleaned areas.

Interestingly, the vacuum uses a rechargeable battery. In addition to this, you can control the vacuum cleaner from the comfort of your smartphone.

How Does Robot Vacuum T2250 Work?

For the traditional vacuum cleaners, you manually control them. Besides, you direct the vacuum brushes to where you see dirt or believe you are yet to clean. Currently, there is a more innovative way to do your cleaning.

Just as the name suggests, this particular vacuum cleaner has an in-built artificial intelligence chipset. From your phone, you can direct the device accordingly.

Typically, you have to remember when you did cleaning last to evoke another cleaning. Alternatively, you may need to examine the room and make the decision on when to clean.

The Eufy Vacuum T2250(AK-T2250111) can clean the surface using a pre-set timings. All you need to do is to configure the time, dates, and probably frequency.

Since the machine uses a corded electric source of power, sometimes the battery may go low. Excitingly, the device can relocate the charger and docks for charging. Do you have to reset it again? Imagine you don’t!

Entertainingly, the robot will undock and continue with the cleaning exercise from where it left. The robot vacuum cleaner can clean surfaces regardless of their unique shapes.

Why Are Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 necessary in Vacuum T2250?

There are two types of vacuum cleaners—the purposeful cleaning across all surfaces and the random path robotic vacuums. Eufy Vacuum T2250 uses the former.

The machine comes with an application that you install on your smartphone. The application has all the necessary control of the apparatus, including the cleaning history. It is, therefore, easy to do all the cleaning control from the smartphone.

Using the current BoostIQ technology, you increase suction capability at a rate of 1.5 seconds when more additional vacuuming power is required. This technology ensures that you get a super clean surface at the end.

What Do You Get When Buying A Eufy Vacuum T2250?

A new package of RoboVac G30(AK-T2250111) comes with all the necessary accessories. Among the most critical items accompanying the vacuum cleaner are;

  • the changing base
  • 2 side brushes
  • Cleaning tool
  • AC power adapter
  • 5 cable ties
  • Unibody filter

Besides the above items, the machine is accompanied by a welcome guide to assist you. Moreover, the company provides a worry-free one-year warranty.

Who Are The Major Rivals of Eufy RoboVac G30 T2250?

Several companies are selling an almost similar product like Eufy Vacuum T2250. Remember to always confirm the product manufacturer before committing your finances.

Although the products may look similar by their color or design, they have different functions and capabilities. Consider the table below, which contains the list of leading manufacturers with similar or related items.

Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Proscenic 399
Dream D9 Robot DreamTech 398
Tesvor Robot Tesvor 195.49
Robot Uoni V980plus UONI 527
Shark ION Robot AV751 Shark 217.98
Goovi Robot Goovi 187.99
Coredy R580 Robot Coredy 279.99

The products vary in their rating and durability, among other factors. It is terrific to take your time and research for both the history of the brand and the product.

Do not be guided by price alone. Sometimes it is the catch. Dig deeper and find out the length of the warranty the particular brand offers.

Do Eufy Vacuum T2250 Clean All Surfaces?

This particular vacuum cleaner is capable of working on various surfaces. However, it works best on tile, hardwood, medium-pile carpets, and laminate floors.

While working on these floors, it is recommended that you remove the cables from the machines way since it is likely to tangle. The product comes with five cable ties to help you organize your power cords and wires.

Some of the floors that are not ideal for cleaning using Eufy Vacuum T2250 include very dark-shaded carpet and high-pile carpet.

Any Advantages of Using Eufy RoboVac G30 T2250?

For sure, there are numerous advantages and beautiful reasons why you should use Eufy Vacuum T2250. You do not have to clean yourself.

This incredible machine converts you from a cleaner to a supervisor ideally. You only need to set the parameters on the smartphone App. Indeed, your presence is insignificant when the robot T2250 starts working.

The machine does not require you to interact directly with it. You issue all your commands on the app installed on your smartphone. However, you can also issue voice commands.

The device allows you to interact with it like a human being near you.
This undemanding presence offers you an opportunity to do something else. The machine has sensors for path tracking; it clean with purpose, ensuring a good clean job.

The apparatus is ideal for several surfaces with a high suction power of 2000Pa. Besides, it can collect dust of 0.6L. Behold, you can map the area cleaned and the time used to clean the surface.

Can Use of Eufy Vacuum T2250 Be Disadvantageous Over Others?

Other products will work better for the areas Eufy Vacuum T2250 is not. This deficiency in principle does not mean vacuum T2250 is a lesser machine.

The machine is designed to work using a battery and no provision for direct power.



Use of robots dates to yesteryears. However, to the extent of using your phone app to order a vacuum cleaner to do the job, it is breath catching.

The technology of the day has changed many things in life. You do not have to be the chief laborer to have something done. You can authorize and supervise your cleaning from the comfort of your phone.

Having a gadget like Eufy Vacuum T2250 is the best gift to offer someone.

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