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Is There a Robot that Can Help You Clean the Home? OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Is There a Robot that Can Help You Clean the Home? OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

“We are living in an age that robots are moving into our homes. Yes, if you have seen too many Sci-Fi movies, you might not like this idea much. But the real-life is much different from the things you see in those. Today we have some robots that can effectively help us in our day-to-day life.”

OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 120mins Runtime

Cleaning robots do belong to that group of helpful household robots. We will review OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner to understand how they can help us in cleaning our homes. It will be able to draw a clear picture of the features they have.

Let’s start with the design.

Design of the OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This robot vacuum cleaner has the same shape that we see in other robot vacuums. It has a round cylindrical shape that rises to few inches in height. If you are interested in the color, you can find this robot in dark blue. Besides that, the most significant thing you can notice is the colorful LED on top of the robot.

I would say all together this design gives a more modern and futuristic look to the robot vacuum cleaner. As per the buttons, you can find one button on top of it. You can use that button to activate the device.

When we turn the robot upside down, you can see two cleaning brushes that rotate. Besides that, some wheels to help to move, dirt suction opening also visible at the bottom.

Cleaning Power

As a robot vacuum, we have to consider the ability to clean our home effectively. What gives the power for OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner to do that? That would be the suction power of the device. The higher the suction power more dirt can robot vacuum can take inside.

What is the suction power of the OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

  • Suction power – 2000 Pa

You can say why not more suction power? It can drain the battery fast if we do that. A good robot vacuum should be capable of covering your whole home within a day.

Battery Life of OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

How long does this robot can carry on cleaning with a single charge? And what is the battery capacity of the robot?

  • Clean time in a single charge – 120 mins
  • Battery capacity – 2600 mAh

How to Control OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

  • Smart Home Assistant

You can consider a robot vacuum as a part of a Smart Home. Home Assistant is always a part of any Smart Home. So it would be a waste if we can’t control your robot vacuum using some voice commands to the home assistant.

Few voice commands that you can use

  • Alexa, clean the kitchen with the robot vacuum.
  • Hey Google, where is the robot vacuum?
  • Alexa, ask the robot vacuum to go home.
  • Hey Google, ask robot vacuum to stop cleaning.

There are more commands that you can catch up on once you get a robot vacuum for yourself.

  • Smartphone App Control

You can do a lot of control by installing the app on your phone. The app will unlock the full potential of the robot vacuum. Let’s see the features you can control using it.

  1. Changing the cleaning modes – I’ll do more explaining on the cleaning modes in a later paragraph. But to switch between them, you certainly need the app.
  2. Selecting where to clean – You can name each room of your house using the app and directly ask your robot vacuum to clean that room.
  3. Schedule Cleaning – You can set a job for your robot vacuum to clean a specific area of your home at a given time.
  4. Power Up the Cleaning – There may be stubborn dirt on the floor that requires additional power to get remove. You can increase the suction power of your robot vacuum using the app.
  • Remote Controller

You don’t see many robot vacuums that come with a remote controller option. But what I enjoy about OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner’s remote controller is there might be times that we don’t have our phone at hand. This controller has control over all the functions in the robot vacuum.

Navigate Your Home with OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A significant feature of a quality vacuum robot is the ability to navigate through the home freely. This robot vacuum can avoid obstacles in real-time. Another thing you can notice is these robots will not fall from heights. So if you have many elevated spaces in your house, you don’t have to worry about them.

Besides that, you can see the places where your robot already cleaned using the map in your smartphone. If there is a spot missing, you can manually ask the robot to cover there.

You know that it’s hard to clean under furniture. But OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has no such limits. It can go to places where you can not easily reach.

Low Battery? No Problem

The battery can get low in a long cleaning session of your OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This robot can safely go back to its home to charge itself. When it’s fully charged, the robot will return to the task it was doing again.

4 Cleaning Modes

1.Auto Clean

The robot will hover all over the home while cleaning regularly. It will return to the dock if it needs charging.

2.Spot Clean

You mark a specific spot in your home, asking the robot to clean that location thoroughly.

3.Wall Follow Clean

Corners near walls get dirty constantly, and you can ask OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner to follow the wall while cleaning there.

4.Manual Clean

You ask the robot vacuum to clean a specific room in the home if it’s dirty.



Cleaning a home is not an easy task when considering the busy life we have today. But OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a device that can do the job for you. I hope you found much valuable information about vacuum robots that will make you seriously consider buying one.

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