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Does Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum Live Up to Its Name?

Does Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum Live Up to Its Name?

Let us cut to the chase; house chores are tedious.

We would do anything to evade vacuuming and any cleaning job at all. Thanks to technology, we have robot vacuums, which serve as our mini housekeepers, running the house with little or no supervision.

Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum with XL Self-Empty Base, Advanced Navigation Mapping, Wifi & Alexa, Multi-Surface Brushroll, Carpet & Hard Floor, Multi-Stage Filtration, for Pets, Dander & Dust, Black

However, having a gazillion robot vacuum on the market makes the buying process a little hectic. But if you are familiar with the robot vacuum world, then the Shark AV1010AE IQ robot vacuum isn’t new to you.

This robot seems to have taken the market by storm. Since there are several options to pick from, you may wonder if this robot vacuum lives up to its name. Luckily, I have decided to answer your questions in this article; and relieve you of the arduous task of researching about Shark IQ Robot Vacuum (AV1010AE).

So, if you are willing to find out why the shark IQ robot vacuum makes the world tick, keep reading this all-inclusive article, Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum Reviews. And maybe afterward, you can make an efficient purchase.

Unboxing: What is in the Box?

A new shark AV1010AE IQ robot vacuum box contains the following:

  • Shark IQ Robot Vacuum
  • Self-empty base
  • Two side brushes
  • Filter
  • Bot boundary Strips
  • Self-emptying base

Unique Features of Shark IQ Robot Vacuum (AV1010AE)

All products are unique because of their features. Therefore, you need to be sure that a particular has a feature that appeals to you or solves your urgent needs.

This feature diversity recalls the vital question: what does the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum (AV1010AE) have over other robot vacuums out there? Is it the appearance? The functionality?

Well, for one, this robot cleaner has a host of novel features like:

  • Multi-Surface Cleaning

Having a vacuum cleaner that leaves no stone unturned is relieving. What is the point of cleaning up after a vacuum cleaner?

In this regard, the Shark AV1010AE IQ robot vacuum performs better than expected. It has multi-surface brush rolls that attract all kinds of debris or dirt, leaving your home tidy.

  • Powerful Suction

Powerful suction makes a vacuum cleaner effective. This robot vacuum cleaner does not lack this defining feature. It has powerful suctions that suck in both large, small, and resistant debris. If you have a pet, you do not have to worry about dog hair litter. Shark AV1010AE IQ robot vacuum picks up pet hair with ease.

Additionally, you can trust it to pick up all food crumbs or leaves while vacuuming. So, it rids you of all vacuuming duties.

  • Fast Mapping

One of the complaints that marred the previous model from the Shark RV1001AE model was the slow mapping. SharkNinja improved on the feature immensely in the Shark AV1010AE IQ robot vacuum. The mapping is faster; this allows for an optimized clean.

  • Total Home Mapping and Room Select

Not only does the Shark Robot Vacuum AV1010AE IQ have fast mapping, but it can also map out your whole house. Plus, you get to select the rooms you would want the robot vacuum to clean.

If you have rooms that require more delicacy and human attention, you need not worry. All you need do is select places where the robots should clean and trust it to get the job done.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Are you worried about getting a vacuum cleaner that will do an exceptional job on your carpet? Shark AV1010AE IQ robot vacuum is a choice that trumps several others. When it comes to finding a robot with carpet cleaning abilities, the list of robot vacuums comes shorter.

However, this model improved on the messy carpet cleaning abilities the previous model possessed.

  • Row by Row Cleaning

Without missing out on any spot, this robot vacuum cleans your house methodically. Essentially, it travels row by row and room by room, ensuring your home is clean.

Additionally, a vacuum cleaner that cleans tidily makes a significant difference. I have never been a fan of vacuums that leave unmethodical lines in their trails.

  • Voice or Phone Command

You can schedule cleanings and make room selections via the shark clean app. Alternatively, you can control the Shark AV1010AE IQ robot vacuum with your voice through google assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Hence, the control is seamless and requires no additional routines. All you need is your phone and the app connected to the robot vacuum.

It means you can be anywhere in your house and still lead the vacuum to selected rooms or start it up.

  • Self-emptying Base

Vacuum cleaners with a self-emptying base have become the favorite of many household users. For many, the thought of a machine that can perform all cleaning duties including, emptying the dirt, is ultimately delightful.

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum (AV1010AE) has a self-emptying feature that has endeared it to several users.

Furthermore, the self-emptying base can hold dirt for about 45 days before it gets full. It means you can forget about vacuuming for that long– especially if you have scheduled your cleanings.

  • Multi-Stage Filtration System

As a bonus feature, a multi-stage filtration system enhances the suction to trap dust, pet hair, and dander on the first run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will shark IQ robot Vacuum (AV1010AE) remap when I change a furniture’s location or move to a new home?

  • You can remap your home or a new setting only if you cancel the existing map and start all over again. This way, the robot will consider the new environment while cleaning.

How many sq. ft. can this vacuum cleaner cover before the battery gets low?

  • Shark AV1010AE IQ robot vacuum can cover almost 2400 sq. ft. before the battery runs low.

Can I set a timer for when it gets back to its self-emptying bin?

  • You can make this robot vacuum return to its base often, but you cannot set a specific time frame for it to do so.

Verdict: Effective Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping your home clean is a duty you cannot overlook– regardless of how tasking it may be. But you can delegate this task to a vacuum that gets the job done without excessive supervision.

One surefire robot vacuum cleaner that fits this description is the Shark IQ robot Vacuum (AV1010AE). With this vacuum cleaner, you need not worry about vacuuming.

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