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Why Should You Buy a Roborock Robot Vacuum S4Max for Your Home?

Why Should You Buy a Roborock Robot Vacuum S4Max for Your Home?

“You have come to the right place to make this decision. I have already selected one of the top-rated vacuum robots available in the market today. I’m going to review it while giving out the answers to your question. The vacuum robot I selected is Roborock Robot Vacuum S4Max.”

This vacuum robot covers all the aspects that a modern vacuum robot has. Not only that, Roborock Robot Vacuum S4Max has blazing 4.7-star customer ratings on Amazon. While answering the most asked questions about vacuum robots, let’s find out how good this product is.

How Does a Vacuum Robot Work?

Vacuum robots run on battery power. They use that battery power to move all over your floor while continuously cleaning/vacuuming the floor underneath it. When their battery runs out, they automatically move to their charging station. For Roborock Robot Vacuum, you can call the charging station his home.

Roborock Robot Vacuum S4Max; Cleaning that Lasts Long

  • Battery capacity: 5200mAh
  • Work hours per charge: 3 hours
  • Area covered per charge: 300m2
  • Dustbin capacity: 460ml

This robot vacuum has a large battery capacity of 5200mAh. You don’t have to keep an eye on him. Roborock Robot Vacuum will keep on working non-stop for long hours.

Another matter that always comes to your mind is dustbin capacity. 460ml dustbin has more than enough space to collect dirt within three hours.

According to these numbers, Roborock Robot Vacuum S4Max can cover about 100m2 per hour. It’s a large area, even for a big mansion.

Does Robot Vacuum Cleaner Good at Cleaning Carpets?

Well, the simple answer is yes. Robot vacuum cleaners can suck the dirt stuck in the carpets with their suction power. Let’s see the performance of Roborock S4Max on carpets.

  • Automatically Detects the Carpet

Roborock S4Max can detect the carpet apart from the hard floor. Imagine your Robot vacuum met a carpeted floor on its path. It will instantly identify the floor change and get ready to clean the carpet.

  • Increase the Suction

The dust particles on a carpeted floor do not come off easy as on the hard floor. If you were operating the vacuum, you would increase the suction power for a better clean. This intelligent robot vacuum does the same when it detects a carpet.

  • Change the Brush Position

Having the brush position at the same height will no work for a carpeted floor. Roborock S4Max lifts the main brush to agitate the fiber of the carpet. This change will make trapped dust particles leave your carpet floor.

Can Robot Vacuum Pull Off Pet Hair?

Yes, most of the robot vacuums can do this. With a suction power of 2000Pa, Roborock S4Max can easily pull off pet hair from your home floor. If this was the reason what stopped you from buying a robot vacuum, I think now you can rest easy.

Will Robot Vacuum Fall Down Stairs?

This question will haunt the mind of anyone who wishes to buy a robot vacuum for their home. No one wants to let a few hundred-dollar vacuum robot fall off the stairs.

The onboard Sensient™ sensor array keeps Roborock S4Max cleaning smoothly even in complicated environments. With cliff sensors, the robot looks for drops and steps. It also looks out for vertical bumpers to prevent getting trapped under low furniture. The jam sensor on the main brush prevents any damage to your robot vacuum.

Do Robot Vacuums Learn Your House?

Yes, any present robot vacuum can remember the plan of your home. But let me complicate that question bit more. And add few other related points to it.

  • Do Robot Vacuums Learn Different Levels of Your House?

There is no point if your robot knows only the ground floor map of the house. Roborock S4Max can learn up to 4 levels of a home. You only have to tell the robot what level he is operating now. After that, he will know the way around that level with no issue.

  • Clean Kitchen Every Morning After Breakfast

Home needs cleaning every day. But if it gets dirty after your robot vacuum pulls off all the hard work, there is no value to it. With Roborock S4Max, you can make scheduled cleaning sessions like above to keep the home always clean.

  • Can Robot Vacuums Clean Marked Areas?

There are times you accidentally spill the chip dust on your floor. You can send Roborock S4Max only to clean that specific area. You can set suction power and the number of cleaning cycles to tackle the tough dirt.

  • Set Off the Limit Areas

Imagine you want to stop the robot vacuum from going towards the playing area of your kids. You can set invisible walls on the house plan for Roborock S4Max. It will not cross those areas while cleaning.

Do Robot Vacuums Clean the Air?

This feature is not something you can see on many robot vacuums. But there are robot vacuums that clean the air of your home by capturing particles in the air. Roborock S4Max also belongs to the air cleaning robot family.

Roborock S4Max can capture 95% of particles, including dander and mold, as it travels around your house. Because the filter used in this process is washable, you can use that again and again.

Can I Control Robot Vacuum from Anywhere through Smartphone?

First, you have to keep your robot vacuum connected to your home WiFi always. If that is the case, you can control your robot vacuum from a distance. In the Roborock app, you can add cleaning schedules, add no-go zones, and give many more instructions for your robot vacuum.

Compatible with Alexa

You can see home assistants in many households these days. Roborock S4Max is compatible with Alexa. You can tell Alexa what your robot vacuum should do.

  • “Alexa, ask ROBOROCK to clean.”
  • “Alexa, ask ROBOROCK to resume.”
  • “Alexa, ask ROBOROCK to say hi.”


I hope I was able to change your mind to buy a robot vacuum. It’s a great product that has come a long way in cleaning homes. Have no doubts about that. I suggest trying the Roborock Robot Vacuum S4Max as your first robot vacuum.

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