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How to Keep Your Home Clean All the Time? VICTONY Robotic Vacuum Cleaner(BL-03W) Review

How to Keep Your Home Clean All the Time? VICTONY Robotic Vacuum Cleaner(BL-03W) Review

“The day that robots do our chores felt like fiction that only belongs to movies. But that is a feeling belongs to a few years back. Things have changed drastically now. The concept of smart homes is spreading like fire all over the world.”

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A Smart Home is not a Smart Home without a robot to clean the floor. That’s what we are going to talk about today. A cute little worker robot, known as VICTONY Robotic Vacuum Cleaner(BL-03W).

First, let’s ask the burning hot question about robot vacuums.

Can Robot Vacuums Clean the Whole Home?

There are two answers to this question. Yes and No. Why do I say that?

You can not expect to see every corner of your home squeaky clean after taking a vacuum robot home. The reason is it can not climb over things to clean them. But can you expect to see a dirt-free floor from this robot? For that answer is yes, you can expect that.

Let’s start the review with the looks of the VICTONY Robotic Vacuum Cleaner(BL-03W).

First Impression

It looks like a black beetle that hovers over the floor instead of walking using its legs. This thought is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it for the time. Yeah, you guessed right, VICTONY(BL-03W) comes in full black color.

It’s three (3) inches tall and has a cylindric shape. Surfaces have a nice finish that gives an elegant look to the robot. According to the manufacturer, these surfaces are scratch-proof.

Can VICTONY Robotic Vacuum Cleaner(BL-03W) Get Rid of Pet Hair on the Floor?

Yes, with the suction power of 1650 Pa, it can easily capture pet hair and various kinds of dirt found on the floor. There is a fake rumor about pet hair tangling in the robot vacuums. I’m sure that it’s not true for VICTONY(BL-03W) at all.

What else can this robot vacuum clean?

  • Pericarp
  • Hair
  • Pet fur
  • Dust
  • Sand

Does VICTONY(BL-03W) have a Mopping Function?

Yes, unlike in many robot vacuums sold today, this robot has both functions integrated into him. When you fill the 150ml water tank and give the command VICTONY(BL-03W) can start mopping your home. They have given you an extra mopping cloth that you can replace once one wears off.

How Long a Vacuum Robot Cleans After a Full Charge?

First, we will look at the battery capacity of the VICTONY(BL-03W).

  • Battery capacity – 2600 mAh

I have to say this is somewhat low compared to the other robot vacuums you can find in the stores today. But capacity does not matter much if the robot vacuum is efficient enough to clean your home for a long time.

So let’s come back to our initial question. How long can it run in a single charge?

  1. Vacuuming mode – 100 min
  2. Mopping mode – 130 min

The difference in the time is there because vacuuming requires more energy to suck up the dirt on the floor.

Do You have to Clean the Dustbin in the VICTONY(BL-03W)?

This period depends on the amount of dirt your robot vacuum finds on the floor. But I can safely say it is not often in an average household.

  • Dustbin capacity – 600 ml

It’s a larger bin capacity that can store a lot of dirt.

Now it is a known fact that VICTONY(BL-03W) does an appreciable job in removing dirt. But that is not useful if it can not reach every corner of the room.

VICTONY Robotic Vacuum Cleaner(BL-03W) and Navigation

All the robot vacuum manufacturers pay special attention to the navigation of their robots. No room is the same in any home. There are different floor types and different obstacles in each room. But as a robot, this is no excuse when it comes to cleaning.

In the bottom line, an accurate navigation system matters to a robot vacuum.

VICTONY (BL03W) has an upgraded Gyroptic navigation sensor that helps it to navigate any terrain.

  • Real-time mapping – helps to identify objects around it in real-time and approach them accordingly.
  • 3-inch thin profile – Vacuum robot is no use if it can’t reach under your sofa for cleaning. Not to worry, VICTONY(BL-03W) can go anywhere?

When we are talking about navigation, there is another concern related to it.

Will Your Robot Vacuum Fall Down from an Elevated Floor?

Lucky us, manufacturers have thought about this as well. VICTONY(BL-03W) will not fall from any height because it can detect them early and avoid such situations.

Will VICTONY(BL-03W) Miss Any Spots on the Floor?

No, this robot maps where it was cleaned previously and follows a zig-zag path not to miss a single spot on your floor.

Can VICTONY(BL-03W) Climb Over Heights?

Typically robot vacuums can not travel over elevated terrains. The same rule applies to the VICTONY(BL-03W). But it can move over 1.5cm elevations like carpets.

What is the Maximum Slope VICTONY Robotic Vacuum Cleaner(BL-03W) Move On?

As same a car, a robot vacuum also requires extra power to move on a slope. Depending on the friction and motor power, this changes.

Maximum slope – 15˚

Cleaning Carpeted Floor

Carpet floors are hard to clean, even with a powerful vacuum cleaner. Dirt can stick in the fiber of the carpet, making them harder to remove. VICTONY Robotic Vacuum Cleaner(BL-03W) has an answer for this. It can automatically identify the carpet and increase the vacuum power to capture the stubborn dirt.

How Can You Control The VICTONY(BL-03W)?

There are few ways you can give commands to this robot vacuum. The most straightforward way is pressing the buttons on the robot itself. There are two more much easier ways than that.

  • Smartphone App

You can download the app using the QR code printed on the box. After connecting the robot vacuum to the same WiFi network, you can control the robot using the app.

  • Smart Home Assistant

Vacuum robots are the first choice when it comes to cleaning. You can control many features in homes using the help of Smart Assistants. The same applies to the VICTONY(BL-03W). You only have to say the word for cleaning, and your robot vacuum will do the job.



When we are leading a busy life, keeping our homes clean all the time is not an easy task. But if you bring a robot vacuum like VICTONY Robotic Vacuum Cleaner(BL-03W) to your house, that will not be impossible anymore. I hope this article provided you enough details about the things a vacuum robot can do. The decision is in your hand now.

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