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Does Kyvol Cybovac E31 Robot Vacuum Live Up to Its Name?

Does Kyvol Cybovac E31 Robot Vacuum Live Up to Its Name?

“Regardless of how much you detest vacuuming, it’s a chore that requires attention. Thankfully, robot vacuums can take the burden off you. And by that, I mean an affordable and quality robot vacuum.”

Now that’s the catch. All manufacturers claim their product is quality.

I understand you can be in a fix trying to decide which robot vacuum to buy. Luckily for you, the Kyvol Cybovac E31 Robot Vacuum held my attention long enough to inspire a review.

It has all the markings of a vacuum that deserves a review; so, why not? This kyvol cybovac e31 robot vacuum review will reveal a bit of detail about this vacuum cleaner. Curious to know if it lives up to its reputation? Be my guest and read to the end to know everything about this insanely popular vacuum.

What’s in Kyvol Cybovac E31’s package.

Before we dive deep into the features of the kyvol cybovac vacuum, let’s check out what it includes.

  • The robot Cleaner
  • Remote control and two batteries
  • The charging dock
  • A power adaptor
  • Two side brushes
  • A magnetic strip
  • A mopping container
  • Two mopping pads
  • Sticky pads
  • A manual
  • Extra Filter

But are the features as decked up as the pack? Check out the answer to this question below.

Features of Kyvol Cybovac E31 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner

All labor-intensive chores are like banes of human existence. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but to be sincere, no one really likes chores.

This vacuum cleaner, with its hybrid design combines two hated chores and gets it done without human interference (At least for the most).

Kyvol cybovac e31 robot vacuum sweeping & mopping robot vacuum combines sweeping and mopping, keeping your home debris-free. Interesting right?

  • Enhanced Gyoptic Navigation System

The Kyvol Cybovac E31 boasts of a futuristic optical flow sensor and unique gyoptic navigation system.

These features help it achieve thorough vacuuming by engaging a zigzag pattern that boosts its efficiency by 30%. In short, you won’t be getting a random cleaning pattern from Cybovac E31.

  • Smart Voice control

Speaking of state-of-art features, this right here is an example. Kyvol E31 features a voice control that triggers a cleaning session with a few words from you.

Consider Alexa or google assistant as your personal cleaning assistant. So, you don’t necessarily need to use the remote or app always- bark out a command to your assistants and they would execute it.

  • Kyvol Mobile App

The kyvol cybovac e31 robot vacuum cleaner and mop has a mobile app available for both IOS and Android devices.

It has varying abilities depending on what you’d like it to do. The mobile app’s features range from scheduling cleaning sessions to accessing all main functions and modes.

Once you connect this app, your device can effortlessly work like a remote control when the need arises.

  • Anti-Drop and Anti-Collision Sensors

This vacuum cleaner has a high-sensitivity infrared sensor. The super-precise sensor prevents it from falling off a stair or colliding with furniture and walls while cleaning.

See? It doesn’t need serious supervision; it’s smart enough to avoid damaging falls and collisions.

  • 2200Pa Suction

kyvol cybovac e31 is a sweeping & mopping robot vacuum cleaner with 2200pa suction. With such ability, it can suck in pet hair and food crumbs conveniently.

  • Strong Battery Capacity and Automatic Recharge

Cybovac e31 has an ultra-high battery capacity of 3200mah. The battery is strong enough to clean a 2690sqft home or work for 2.5 hours/150 minutes before it goes off. When it does get low, it returns to its charging dock to get recharged.

However, after it recharges, it won’t return to cleaning automatically.

  • Design

This vacuum cleaner undoubtedly has an impressive sleek appearance. The top features tempered glass while the side and other parts donned black translucent plastic.

It’s compacted enough to make cleaning trips under sofas. But if your couches are really low, it’s compact enough to get stuck under them. Overall, the appearance is appealing and attractive.

What I Like About Kyvol Cybovac E31 Robot Vacuum

  • Sterling navigation system
  • Hybrid vacuum with vacuuming and moping features
  • Maps out a room’s layout
  • High precision sensors
  • Strong battery life
  • It has smart controls
  • It’s quiet

What I Dislike About Kyvol Cybovac E31 Robot Vacuum

  • Absence of a virtual “no go” line
  • Mopping feature is underwhelming
  • Works better on hard floors

How Effective Is Kyvol Cybovac E31 Robot Vacuum With Mopping Function?

  • Mopping ability

Frankly, the mopping ability isn’t quite impressive. Don’t get me wrong, you can get it to mop dusty surfaces with mild mess, but once the stains get messier, you need to grab your mop.

This vacuum cleaner only succeeds in dragging the damp mopping pad around stubborn stains without actually cleaning it. So, the mopping ability could be better.

  • Vacuuming ability

It’s more of a vacuum than a mopping robot cleaner. With that said, you can rest assured that you’ll have no issues with vacuuming. Kyvol cybovac e31 has a suction that can take in big debris with ease leaving little or nothing behind.

Additionally, it’s quiet enough not to disturb your daily work or family time.

How To Use Kyvol Cybovac E31 Sweeping & Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

After unpacking the robot vacuum cleaner, you need to install one of the side brushes; and set up its charging dock. And make sure there’s nothing around the charging dock.

Flip on the power switch located on the underside of the vacuum cleaner and connect the power adaptor to the base to start charging. It’s advisable to get it fully charged before first use; this usually takes up to 5-6 hours.

You also need to install the Kyvol app and connect the robot to your WIFI using the app. Finally, add the robot to the app; and it’s all set.

Furthermore, you can install magnetic strips on your floors to set boundaries and prevent Cybovac E31 from vacuuming some places.

Verdict: Perficient Automated Vacuum Cleaner

Kyvol cybovac e31 robot vacuum sweeping & mopping vacuum cleaner oversees every form of automated cleaning with incredible precision. Plus, it touts up some features of high-end vacuum cleaners.

Although it would be cool if it had a virtual boundary line and a better mopping ability, it’s worth the asking price.

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