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What is the Best Spin Mop You Can Buy In 2021?

What is the Best Spin Mop You Can Buy In 2021? Bissell SpinWave PET Hard Floor Spin Mop(20399)

“From a small piece of clothing to spin mop, tools we use to mop our floors have advanced a lot. They have made the job easy and time-saving. We should not forget the improvement in cleaning quality as well. If spin mops are the latest advancement in home cleaning tools, let’s find out what is the best in the market?”

Bissell SpinWave PET Hard Floor Spin Mop, 20399

Out of many spin mops available on Amazon, I decided to test and write a review about Bissell SpinWave PET Hard Floor Spin Mop(20399). After testing it out for few months, I am fully satisfied by the results produced by this spin mop. Let’s find out whether it can fascinate you as well.

Help a Good Cause by Buying Bissell SpinWave PET Hard Floor Spin Mop

I thought of highlighting the good cause you can contribute to by buying this spin mop first. Bissell proudly supports Bissell Pet Foundation and their mission to help save homeless pets. Every product you purchase from Bissell contributes to that good cause. If you are a pet lover like me, I think this reason alone will be enough to buy a product of Bissell.

How does Cleaning Happen in SpinWave® Hard Floor Spin Mop?

This spin mop has two spin mop pads attached to it. When you turn the device on, these mop pads start spinning while removing all the patches on your floor. All you have to do is to push the mop over where it is dirty. No matter how stubborn the patches are, SpinWave® Hard Floor Spin Mop will take care of them.

The mopping solution will be sprayed over the floor while cleaning. You can store this solution in the container attached to the handle.

What are the Floors You can Mop from SpinWave® Hard Floor Spin Mop?

  • Tile floors
  • Sealed wood floors
  • Laminate floors
  • Linoleum floors
  • Rubber floor mats
  • pressed wood floors

As I felt, this mop is not harmful to any floor that you can wash using water. But be mindful of color fading due to spinning mop pads.

What is the Water Tank Capacity of the SpinWave® Hard Floor Spin Mop?

  • Water tank capacity – 28 oz (828ml)

You can find the water tank of this mop attached to the handle. It’s a plastic container that can hold up to 28 oz of water. When you are adding water, make sure to add your cleaning formula to it as well.

Can You Control the Amount of Cleaning Formula Sprayed on the Floor?

We find different kinds of dirt all over the ground. The amount of cleaning formula needed for each dirt patch is different from each other. If the spin mop sprays the same amount of liquid, there will be no perfect cleaning. But with on-demand spray, you can control the amount of cleaning formula that should be used.

Whenever I come across a dry patch that needs lots of soaking to remove, I find this feature valuable.

What are the Power Specifications of the SpinWave® Hard Floor Spin Mop?

Considering the spinning speed of the mop pads, I’m surprised about the amount of power this spin mop uses.

  • Power ratings – 0.9 A

Even if you mop your floor using SpinWave® Hard Floor Spin Mop every day, it will not affect the electricity bill by much with these power ratings.

What is the Length of the Power Code?

You are using a device that needs to be plugged in all the time when using. If the cord is not long enough, you will have to plug into different outlets to mop a single room.

Power cord length – 22 feet

With this much length, I had no problem reaching every corner, even in my living room. In case you need the extra cord, you can use an extension cable for that.

How Many Mop Pads Do You Get with the SpinWave® Hard Floor Spin Mop?

You will get two pairs of mop pads with your spin mop. But these two pairs do not look similar to each other.

  1. Scrubby Mop Pad
  2. Soft-touch Mop Pad

These two have different purposes. These pads are ideal for a variety of floor conditions.

  • Scrubby mop pads & PET Multi-Surface Formula with Febreze Freshness work together to eliminate pet odors and messes while you clean.
  • Hard Floor Sanitize Formula & soft-touch mop pad cleans and sanitizes, eliminates 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Multi-Surface Formula & scrubby mop pad lets you seamlessly switch between cleaning different sealed hard floors.
  • The soft-touch mop pad is gentle on sealed hard floors. Plus, when combined with the Wood Floor Formulas, both restore the floor’s natural shine.

You must be thinking, what are these formulas that suddenly came into the article. These are different cleaning products introduced by Bissell for your floor cleaning.

You can reuse these pads. What I do is, wash them thoroughly and let them dry until next time. You can buy these pads separately when they wear off.

What are the Noise Levels of This Spin Mop?

Mops we used to have won’t make a sound while in action. If buying a new spin mop breaks the peacefulness in our home, that’s something to consider about. Although SpinWave® Hard Floor Spin Mop is hard on dirt on your floor, it is not loud at all. You can use it even when your infants are sleeping.

Is it Easy to Maneuver the SpinWave® Hard Floor Spin Mop?

If you have used a good old regular mop, you know how important this is. There are tight spots you need to reach with less trouble. But if the motorized mop doesn’t have that maneuverability, I see that as a loss.

  • Weight – 11 pounds
  • Swivel Steering

SpinWave® Hard Floor Spin Mop is considerably light weighted. More than that, manufacturers have added a swivel joint to connect the handle and the base. Because of this, maneuvering the mop is not that hard.


I hope I proved my point that Bissell SpinWave PET Hard Floor Spin Mop(20399) is the best spin mop you can buy in 2021. It has a low price tag, helps a good cause, and cleans your floor without a single spot. What else could you ask from the best?

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