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Why TRIFO Robot Vacuum(LUCY-P) Is The Best Robot Vacuum?

Why TRIFO Robot Vacuum(LUCY-P) Is The Best Robot Vacuum?

“Are you looking for the best robot to keep an eye on your home? Then TRIFO Robot Vacuum(LUCY-P) is the preferable vacuum to purchase. It is designed to clean, protect and analyse its surroundings through its 1080p HD cameras. This robot is an intelligent home monitoring robot that can perform cleaning functions and keep watch over an area.”

TRIFO Robot Vacuum with 1080P Night Vision, Dual Cameras, Reactive AI and Intelligent Mapping, 4000Pa Strong Suction, Wi-Fi Compatible with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Hard Floors, Carpet (Pet Version)

TRIFO Robot not only patrols during the day but can also monitor at night. TRIFO Robot Vacuum with 1080p Night Vision camera is meant to offer you peace of mind when you are not home. It effectively doubles as a security camera. This robot is very convenient to use.

How TRIFO Robot Vacuum Is The Best Option?

TRIFO Robot Vacuum(LUCY-P) is the best because it is effortless to control and is made up of good quality materials. It has super artistry and a beautiful design. It is a robot vacuum, security camera and computer combined together. Its night vision camera makes it possible to guard your house at night too.

It can easily map out your entire home location along with marking power outlets and other obstacles. If you are busy doing some important work and don’t have time to deal with house chores, especially cleaning. Then this robot vacuum will do the job for you.

LUCY-P has long-lasting battery power. It can easily be connected to your smartphone. This vacuum helps you clean your floors and carpets by picking up the dust and crumbs. It is a decent robotic vacuum cleaner.

This TRIFO vacuum robot is worth buying, as it is a multi-function robot that has security monitoring capabilities and wet plus dry-cleaning options. It is too good for getting rid of pet hairs from your carpets. This robot vacuum has a super sensing ability along with auto charging and works with Alexa as well.

Special Features of TRIFO Robot

Let’s discuss its unique features in detail.

  • Day And Night Vision

TRIFO Robot Vacuum with 1080p Night vision and HDR colour depth cameras provide a sharp image, allowing you to watch out for possible danger. When you are far from your home, you can turn on the video function over your smartphone and monitor the current situation of your pets. You can also interact with your family, pets and housebreakers through video connections.

  • Sensing Ability

LUCY-P can clean your house while guarding. Its AIVI technology can identify furniture, people, objects sized under 1 inch. Thus, it provides you best cleaning service without any interruption. With the help of super sensing ability, it also avoids obstacles in its way.

  • Auto-Charging

Lithium batteries with a power of 5200 MAh, help vacuum robots in cleaning up to 2152sqft with up to 120 minutes of running time. It only needs 5 to 6 hours to be fully charged. When the battery turns low, the LUCY-P vacuum robot automatically returns to its charging base.

  • Strong Suction Power

This vacuum robot comes with a strong suction power of 4000Pa. There is an app, from which you can reset its cleaning force. It can wipe stains and clean dirt, like a pro. It deep cleans hard floors and thin, medium-sized carpets. It contains a washable main filter and 600ml large dustbin, making you ready to tackle with any mess.

  • Special Accessories With LUCY-P

We provide you with this robot, its charging base, an especially equipped pet hair extractor to directly suck pet hairs, two side brushes, AC power adapter, mop, mop cloth, welcome guide, and free 12 months warranty. One more feature is TRIFO Home App, from which you can change modes or link with Alexa.


  • 1080p night vision.
  • Contains a special pet hair extractor.
  • Automatic self-charging.
  • Remote access and control.


  • A bit costly.
  • Not suitable for very thick and long carpets.

Tips To Pick The Best Robot Vacuum

Are you having trouble in deciding which robot vacuum to purchase? There are some tips for you, which will help you select the best robot vacuum cleaner and monitor:

  • First of all, always check the suction and cleaning power as it matters a lot. Some robot vacuums are good at hardwood floor while other might perform better at picking up pet hairs from carpet.
  • Secondly, survey your house, Is there a hardwood floor or carpet? What Is the thickness of your carpet? Do you have pets with falling hairs? How many stories does your home have? Then decide according to the result of your survey which robot is worth buying and best suits your house.
  • Thirdly, decide which robot vacuum to buy by keeping your budget in mind. One more thing you should consider is if you need an app with your robot vacuum or not? As in this era, there are many robot vacuums that work in conjunction with apps. This quality makes it easy to schedule and control cleaning activities.

TRIFO Robot Vacuum with 1080P Night Vision FAQs

How long do robot vacuums last?

  • As robot vacuums are a new technology, nobody is sure of how long should they last. But according to consumer reports, they can last around five years. And the most high-ended vacuum stayed and worked for more than eight years.

Does robot vacuum really work?

  • The simple answer to this question is yes. Robot vacuums perform well enough to earn their place in the home, as they keep your floors clean.

Where is TRIFO manufactured?

  • TRIFO is manufactured in Shenzhen. Zhe Zhang founded it, is a full-stack artificial intelligence robot company. This company specializes in AI, machine learning and 3D mapping.


The LUCY-P robot from TRIFO is designed to monitor home security and follow the instructions for cleaning by avoiding the obstacles that come in its way. It comes with a 1080p night vision camera, which helps you to monitor your home at night too.

The app enables you to see, talk and listen to your family members or pets when you are away from your home. TRIFO’s LUCY-P is the best robot vacuum to purchase and worth buying.

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