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Can Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650) Truly Clean my House without Supervision?

Can Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650) Truly Clean my House without Supervision?

“Feeling overwhelmed with house chores? Or, like me, you simply cannot find enough time to attend to work demands and at the same time get your cleaning chores done.”

Robot Vacuum, Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner with Upgraded 2000Pa Strong Suction, Self-Charging, Multi-Cleaning Modes Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpet, Floor

You do not have to worry about getting your cleaning chores done anymore. The Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650) has got you covered.

The Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650) is designed to carry out both dry and wet cleaning. This means that in addition to thoroughly vacuuming your floors, the Deenkee Dk650 can also mop your floors when set to do so. Amazing right?

That’s not all, though. The Deenkee Dk650 robotic vacuum cleaner is a lifesaver for pet owners. You no longer worry about getting pet hair off your floors and carpet. The Dk650 picks up pet hair with amazing thoroughness. This keeps your home clean and hygienic. An important consideration, particularly if you have toddlers.

Requiring no supervision, the Deenkee Dk650 removes the stress of cleaning from your daily activities. By so doing, it gives you enough free time to handle other chores, meet up with work deadlines, and even rest. Cleaning has never been easier.

Still not satisfied? A look into the amazing features of this robotic vacuum cleaner will surely have you buying one. Keep reading.

Unboxing Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650)

Before we look at the amazing features of this cleaning robot, let’s see what’s in the box. A box of Dk650 robot cleaner contains:

  • Dk650 robot vacuum cleaner
  • 2 Side brushes
  • Cleaning Brush
  • High-performance filter
  • Dust Bin
  • 300ml water tank
  • Power adapter
  • Charging dock
  • Remote Control (includes 2 AAA batteries)
  • User manual and other documents

Features of Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650)

Analysis of Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650) reviews on Amazon shows that 80% of reviewers gave the robotic vacuum cleaner a five-star rating. One reviewer even said that this robotic vacuum cleaner works a little too well. It’s no surprise considering the great value it offers at a little above $200. Some of the features of Dk650 include;

  • Flexible Control

The Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650) is very easy to use. It comes with very flexible control options. The robot cleaner can be controlled using the app, Remote Control, and voice control (Alexa or Google assistant).

Cleaning can be scheduled on the app. Meaning, you can get your home cleaned even when you’re away. There’s still more. The app also has a real-time mapping feature that allows you to map out the areas you want the robot to clean. A notification is sent to the app once the robot is done cleaning.

  • 2000Pa Intensive Suction

Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650) has a very strong suction power. Its 200Pa strong suction can easily pick up light-weighted debris, pet and human hair, fine dust, and dirt. It can also cross obstacles with a span height of not more than 18mm.

In addition to that, this 2000Pa robot cleaner has 3 suction levels that are automatically adjusted to suit the cleaning area. It automatically increases suction power on carpets to ensure thorough cleaning and switches back to normal suction power on hard surfaces to reduce power consumption.

The best part is it does not make noise despite the high suction power. The noise level on the Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650) is less than 55db, not more than the sound of your microwave. With the robot cleaner running, you can watch TV comfortably and even sleep.

  • Auto-Charging

Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650) comes with an in-built rechargeable battery that can last for up 110 minutes of cleaning. The good part is that you do not have to plug it in to charge when low manually. The robot can charge itself. Once the battery is low, the robot automatically returns to the charging dock for charging.

The battery charges using infrared induction, so it is important to install a charging dock along walls and corners. The robot powers itself once fully charged.

The downside to this is that the robot does not resume cleaning once fully charge. You will have to power it on using the app or remote Control for cleaning to resume. This is only applicable when cleaning was not completed before the battery ran out.

  • Smart Wet-Dry Mopping System

With just one device, Denkee makes available ultra 3-in-1 suction, cleaning, and mopping functions. The Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650) comes with a bin and a water tank that can be used interchangeably. The 300ml tank has a towel attached to its base with which it mops. A full tank can mop an area of 2,500sqft.

  • Smart Gyroscope Navigation

The Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650) is equipped with smart gyroscope technology. This enables it to navigate in “S” paths as it cleans instead of the random movement of most robot cleaners. This ensures that no floor area is left unclean and guarantees double efficiency. In addition to that, the Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650) twice as fast as regular robot vacuum cleaners.

The robot’s slim body design also enables it to move freely into almost every space. There is a large obstacle; the robot smartly identifies it and takes a different path to prevent a collision. It does this using the groups of infrared sensors on its body.

  • Virtual Boundary

Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650) can be restricted from cleaning certain areas. For example, you do not want the robot to go into your toddler’s play area while he is playing. This can easily be done by creating a virtual boundary using magnetic tape. With this, your robot will only clean areas outside the boundary.

  • Washable, Water-Resistant Accessories

Cleaning the Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650) is very easy and hassle-free. Most of its accessories are water-resistant. They can be washed directly and dried immediately after use.

In a Nutshell

Deenkee Vacuum Robot Cleaner(DK650) offers ease and comfort at a great price. It is suitable for the working mom, the career person, and the lazy bachelor (or spinster). In the words of a Dk650 robot cleaner reviewer on Amazon: “you’ll stop vacuuming your house.”

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